About the Founder

About the Founder

About the Founder

Shanjie Li 

Shanjie Li has strong background in academic, professional, and political areas: PhD degree in Economics, Master’s degree in Engineering and Economics, senior engineer, professor, Assistant Principal of Shenyang Ligong University , Dean of Northeast Asia Development Institute, Principal at Emergency Rescue Promotion Center Expert Committee of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Director of China’s International Research Foundation, and the Chief Economist of IESCO (International Ecosafety Cooperative Organization).

Li Shanjie's experience in capital investment:

1. As an economist, Shanjie Li is an initiator and organizer who took an early part in building a new campus through assets replacement. Early in 1998, Shanjie Li put forward the idea of building a new campus through land replacement, and then operated capital and successfully built the modern Shenyang Ligong University in a wasteland of Liaoning Province within 6 months in 2001.

2. In 2002, Shanjie Li first proposed to the central government that coalbed methane can be turned into an effective resource through new technologies and processes in China. He founded the China Mineral Resources Major and established China's first coalbed methane college and served as the first Dean. He also introduced coalbed methane to the Hong Kong capital market through capitalization operations, and accelerated the industrialization of coalbed methane.

3. Shanjie Li is one of the pioneers in promoting the industrialization of digital identification in China.The barcode industry was pioneered by Shenyang University of Technology. He actively participated in and promoted the development and industrialization of two-dimensional codes, namely Hanxin codes. Shanjie Li also established China's largest digital identification Industrial Park in Shenyang.

4. China's emergency rescue within the society Plan was under the leadership of  Shanjie Li when he acted as the head of the expert committee of the Emergency Rescue Promotion Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. He was in charge of the first training of emergency rescuers for college students at Liaoning University, the formulation of the standards and the organization of  the first World Disaster Forum held in Chengdu, Sichuan. 

5. Shanjie Li invested in the film "Pan Zuoliang" which won the nomination of the Huabiao Awards and the "Five Ones" Award of the Publicity Department.

6. After immigrating to the United States, Shanjie Li founded American Da Tang Group. He organized the Chinese funds to develop real estate in the Syosset school district in Long Island, New York, built luxury real estate in Muttontown. And in the beautiful paradise city, Miami, he brought Chinese funds to purchase the largest land in the commercial center of Brickell which received extensive attention. 

7. As dean of Northeast Asia Development Research Institute, he participated in national policy research and formulation, coached the entrepreneurs in their growth, and accelerated economic and trade cooperation between countries and regions. He also plan and participated in Northeast Asia Forum and China-Europe Forum.

8. As one of the original founders of Zhongzhan Real Estate Development Company and Kun Tai Real Estate Development Company, Shanjie Li had developed projects in Liaoning, Beijing, Hainan and other places.

9. Shanjie Li worked with Shenzhen Captial Group, investing in SMEs and energy industry.

10. Shanjie Li initiated the international student management company for elementary and middle school students, and established the Three W International.

11. Shanjie Li has a profound connection and political resources in China.

He often travels around the world to promote Ecosafety, and has established good personal relationships with leaders in many countries.